Post Production Service

1. Post-production, combining live footage and CG

3D modeling and animation

- Precise 3D copies of real objects (vehicles, aircrafts, military weapons and equipment, ancient objects, buildings, etc)
- Sci-fi and unreal objects (spaceships, sci-fi vehicles, constructions, etc)
- Characters (Cartoon characters, animals, monsters, robots, people, etc)
- Digital doubles

Post-production and creation of visual effects

- Digital matte-painting
- Adding smoke and flame, glow effects, explosions etc.
- Color correcting

2. Creation of photorealistic 3d models

- Creation of 3D models of real objects (during the making blueprints, photos, technical drawings and other materials are used)
- Creation of 3D models of sci-fi and unreal objects, which look, when rendered, as though they really exist