Case Study BPS Training Animations
1. Project Description

MillieModels created the animation content and interface design required for a CD and Web based training package for maintenance trainers of the Mi-17 helicopter for Ballistic Protection Solution removal and reinstallation processes. 
Following “kick-off” meeting, a project plan and delivery schedule outlining our approach was provided to MACRO Industries and approved.  Storyboards for each process were created using still imagery and sketches to ensure accuracy of final product.  Storyboards were submitted to MACRO Industries and approved.  Animations were delivered to MACRO in draft form and evaluated for accuracy against final process.  Adjustments were relayed to MillieModels team in the form of updated storyboards and internal memos.  Upon approval, animations were rendered in high fidelity and compressed into appropriate format for deliverable per contract requirements. 
MillieModels successfully delivered animations to MACRO Industries by the due date after multiple adjustments to installation techniques and processes.  Approximately 180 animations were created, one for each piece of BPS to be installed on the Mi-17 helicopters.  Through use of these animations, maintenance personnel of multiple countries and languages are provided with a visual means to identify the processes necessary to safely and effectively fulfill tasks.

For this task, MillieModels used graphic artists, programmers, modelers and animators.