Case Study Training Animations
1. Project Description

MillieModels created training animations depicting the process of removing and replacing parts for vehicle maintenance.
Within this project, MillieModels coordinated virtual with ATC on animation content, final format, required size and other key items thru phone conferencing, emails and ftp transfer of files. 
We created a series of storyboard panels to outline the animation.  After a review process with ATC, the storyboard was finalized and approved.  We built the 3D model and necessary tools and submitted it for approval.  After approval was granted, we began a rough draft of the animation based on the storyboard panels previously approved.  The rough draft animation was submitted and adjustments were made.  A fine draft animation was rendered in low quality and upon approval; the final animation was rendered in high quality per previous delivery requirements.

For this project, MillieModels used graphic artist, modeler, and animator.