Engineering, Prototyping, 3D Modeling
1. Finite Element Modeling Analysis
- Simulation of internal and extrenal environmental conditions
- Structural Analysis
- Heat transfer Analysis
- Aeroelastic Analysis

2. Mechanical Design
- Mechanical design services offering Design assembly, and engineering data sets for manufacturing and fabrication solvingl product design challenges by combining technical and creative disciplines with the latest in 3D modeling, rendering, and simulation technologies. We produce innovative concepts that translate into efficiently, manufactured, finished products.
- Plastic product design
- Proof of Concept
- Industrial Design
- Reverse engineering
- Legacy Conversion, 2D Drawings into 3D Formats

3. Software
- Design, development, production, maintenance, of advanced and applied programming
- Unity, Android
- C, C++, and VC++
- MCF, active X, ADA,
- Delphi, Fortran, Visual Basic

4. Prototyping
- Rapid prototyping concepts to convert solid models to finished parts in record time